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To begin process, ALL dance parents must set up an account.


Dance parents who have already set up an account, log-in here.

Welcome to DeForest Dance Academy!


After you have completed the online registration process, please allow 24-36 hours for your registration request to be confirmed. Until that time, your registration will be marked PENDING. All registrations are processed in the order they are received. When your registration is confirmed, you will be enrolled in that class for the full 2023-2024 dance year including Recital. Please carefully read over your confirmation to be sure that you have registered for the correct classes. Online registrations without a valid credit card for payment will not be processed. 


Please contact the studio Front Desk with any questions regarding your registration or if you wish to withdraw or change classes. If you have any questions, you may also email


Enrollment is accepted and processed on a rolling basis. Tuition payments are due four times during the dance year, if starting between Billing Cycles tuition will be prorated.


  • Billing Cycle 1 (9 weeks) September 5 – November 4 - Tuition payment due at registration

  • Billing Cycle 2 (9 weeks) November 6 – January 27 - Tuition payment due October 23

  • Billing Cycle 3 (9 weeks) January 29 – April 6 - Tuition payment due January 15

  • Billing Cycle 4 (8 weeks) April 8 – June 1 - Tuition payment due March 18


Our annual dance recital will be held in June. The Recital Bundle will be billed in Billing Cycle 2 on October 23rd. All dancers are included in the Recital, if you do not wish to participate, please notify us by January 10th and we will refund your Bundle charges.


Our Tuition and Refund Policy and Class Make-Up Policy will be given to you during the online registration process. Registrations without an electronically signed Policy will not be processed.


Thank you! We are happy that you will be dancing with us this year!

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